Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017 -- WEEK FIFTEEN

January 30, 2017

Well, I have almost made it five months in the mission. Crazy! The time flies when you are having fun.

This week was a pretty sad one.  I have been super sick since Thursday, with stomach pain and other things that accompany it.  Basically started and ended every lesson with a trip to the bathroom.

Friday and today specifically (Monday) were pretty uneventful also, because √člder Aguilar finishes his mission soon, his Cedula and Visa expired.  So we spent all of Friday and all of our P-day doing his visa stuff. It was really boring. 

Friday, also we had interviews with President! Woo. Saturday, we had our District meeting, and I gave the Training part of it to the District. I think it was good, and I will give a brief summary of it.


Virtue! That was the basis of my training. It is a prerequisite to having the spirit to be with us. And we cannot do the work of the Lord without the spirit! Then, moving from that, I talked about making goals and following the spirit as we are in the path to our lessons. 

A scripture which highlights what I said is in Doctrine and Covenants 61:3, I think.  Also Alma 53:20. Good scriptures.


The week also was pretty uneventful in terms of lessons. Nobody that I am teaching made any real stride in changing their life, but we are working with them all.

So I am still here in Colombia, just doing what I can to try and invite others to come unto Christ!

Also, I managed to snab a picture with Thomas S. Monson in my area this week, probably one of the highlights.  Also right before that, gave a rockin´ Lesson one, and a blessing of health to an older gentlemen who fractured his spine walking, and then fell. 

My Testimony this week is on member missionary work! Something that we literally cannot do without as full time missionaries is the help of the members. Just as it talks about in Corinthians, the smaller members of the body like the eyes, cannot say to the arms and legs I have no need of thee. We need to work together, as the body of Christ, to put the best chance of bringing others unto a knowledge of the truth. Every single person is important, and we all have our part to do, so that we can help the people around us who are searching for the truth.

Elder Aguilar and Elder Connor Tracy

I love you all. Still waiting on them emails. 

'Elder Tracy

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