Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9-28-16 -- Message from Elder Blair

September 28, 2016

Your son dabbing!  He is a cool dude.

Elder Blair

9/28/16 -- WEEK TWO

Elder Tracy and his Companion

We are the smallest Distrito here now. I've been doing a lot of studying, and I've been reading the book of Mormon nonstop. People call me El Pillo (The Rascal). We started keeping track of anytime anybody in our district references a meme or dying or killing, anyway. We had a ping pong kinda tournament, and I schooled everybody in my district.  I then played a kid who brought his own paddle from home, and only lost because everybody else was saying I can't win on a serve. The paddle I was using was very ripped up on one side, and the other just wood. Pretty good day. Also played tennis with Elder Watts.

We began teaching two new "investigators". One was Marco Vidal, and The Other is Ricardo. I met the real Miguel, and he has accepted baptism, which is awesome. The food was actually pretty good.  We had cinnamon toast for breakfast, and Chicken breast for Lunch, plus some ice cream  that tasted like raspberry. Dinner sucked but it was okay because the other meals were good. Anyway, Our lesson with Marco Vidal, we started with the restoration. He was pretty unsure, but we committed him to come to church, and also to pray during the lesson to know if God hears and answers His prayers. The Return answer was pretty good.           Galatians 5:21-22:  I think describes what was felt afterwords.  (Whatever the scripture is in Galatians 5 that talks about the fruits of the spirit)

Can't remember the food, but I am sure it was pretty bad. Memorized fully Moroni 10:4-5, and also James 1:5-6. Have seven Articles of Faith memorized on this day, and I was learning vocabulart about the Restoration, and the infinitives like ungir, procurar, esforarse(esforarze?) and talking in the past imperfect (Which Emily already taught me junior year!) We taught Ricardo, and committed him read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and if he feels our message is true ,to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by somebody holding the authority to use the Sacerdocio de Dios. I Know he'll feel the truth! (this is not a real investigator by the way, just a teacher pretending to be his friend who is). for gym time I played ping pong again, and schooled Elder Mooney. 

At lunch they gave us Popsicles, but guess what? All the rest of the food sucked. All naranja machines are broken, so all the other drinks were pretty sketchy, like a carbonated Apple juice, or carbonated grape fruit juice(Tastes like sprite with a bad aftertaste) And then Lima limon, which is sprite with a fruity aftertaste. We taught Marco Vidal again, and committed him to be baptized, and We brought Elder Karren into the lesson with us, and he Shared a TON of scriptures. Halfway through my testimony of the plan of salvation, he shared Doctrine & Covenants 8:2-3, which would be good if he was a member, or if I wasn't bearing my testimony at that time. Either way I felt good about the lesson. Played Tennis with some people. and it was boring cuz they sucked.

Good devotional by Elder Holland, Talking about Unity in companionships, which is something I needed to hear . I had been doing a lot of the talking in the lessons, and from this point out I will try to make it be about 25-25 (we do 50%, member + Investigator does the other 50%). Learned how to use Tener que, and Tener Ganas de, and muchas palabras. It was Fast Sunday, so the food wasn't bad. Ha ha

Taught Ricardo the Plan of Salvation, and other cool stuff blah blah blah. We had hamburgers again, and something we call El Infierno en tierrna (The Hell on Earth). It's this little thing of yogurt, that is like probably equivalent to a 5 hour energy or something, without caffeine. It tastes exactly like straight Lemon Juice, mixed with some gross milk. Beside that, I am trying to change to be a better missionary. I had been fighting fire with fire before, and actually had a small little quibble with Elder Stevens. He was mad that I had been whistling things that weren't hymns, and I was just putting a stumbling block in his path, and setting traps at the gate. I apologized to him, and am not going to fall into temptation again. Because I know there hath no temptation taken me but such as is common to man. 

This is Pizza Night. I'm just not gonna say anything about the food unless it was good. It's Costco pizza for dinner, and then a devotional afterwords, plus a super long gym time. It's basically a mini p-day. Learned some stuff, memorized a few more scriptures, And the funny part of this day is the Hermanas. They are very competitive, and we have beat them in everything so far (ping pong, soccer, tennis and chess). They also are always saying weird stuff to us like "Do you think we're cute today" or "We think you guys are very handsome today" which is great beside the fact of PAGE 33! PAGE 33! PAGE 33! (Says don't flirt, be alone with, or have any other inappropriate contact with anyone of the opposite sex). Anyway the devotional was by a Pedro. X. Something, from Venezuela. 

P-day! Me and Elder Mooney did some more doubles with people. and we smoked them all. I don't take many pictures because there's nothing that interesting about the place. 

Anyway, my testimony this week is on diligence.  Luke 9:59-62 goes great with this, and has been a strength for those in my district who are feeling homesick. The plow is meant for two hands, and those who can't create a straight line need to focus. I am bored of the CCM, but I know that the lord will bless me as I remain diligent in learning all things. I also think that faith in Christ is lacking in them. The Scriptures say (James 2:17-21) That faith without works is dead, and that even the Devils believe in Christ. The only way I can interpret this scripture is that we are not saved simply by confessing the name of Jesus as the only name under heaven through which salvation can be received. 

I left on my mission throwing up, and having a fatigue in my legs. In Ether 12:27, We are given weakness that we may be humbled. I have been humbled this week as I learn to love my fellow disciples more fully. And In Mark 9:23, I know that all things are possible.


Oscar and Wyatt if you are reading this you should stop goofing around and work harder! 

I still love my mom

This is the house where I live.

The view outside my house.

The "Scenic view" of the CCM. The Dead looking tree is cut down now. it had been growing over 100 years and it finally died!

Thursday, September 22, 2016



I arrived at the Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City) at about 1:20 P.M. We then drove to the CCM (MTC -- Missionary Training Center in Spanish) which took about an hour and 10 minutes.  The Traffic was absolutely insane, and the air is so smoggy that when you breathe you are basically smoking.  The CCM is far enough away that we do not have smoke in the air.  I hear gunshots every night, about 4-5 plus many cars honking at each other.  I stayed with an Elder Shauffer all day, and we got all our stuff in our houses.  I am in Casa 3, Room 3.   I met my companion, Elder Denzil Eugene Watts IV at night, and we had a very uneventful day.  Nothing is planned for new missionaries until their first Wednesday.  We had a devotional at night by Elder Cook.  It was pretty good.  But since I had been up since 2:00 am, I fell right asleep when his wife started talking.

We started our first official day in the CCM at 6:30 am.  My roommates are Elder Nealson, and Elder Tanner.  One is a stick in the mud (Tanner) and Elder Nealson is absolutely crazy.  I met my district, 8B, and we met our teacher, Maestro Villanobos. (Wolf town). Through the gift of tongues, (De don del lenguas) I feel as if I remember all of my two years of Spanish, and I have progressed more rapidly in my learning this first week than I did in those two years.  Although the previous conocimiento (knowledge) has been very helpful. I realized Wednesday that all of the food is very sketchy.  The only good drink is called Frukta Naranja, which is orange soda.  Tuesdays we get pizza at night, and pancakes in the morning.  Bad lunch.  I did not feel the spirit at all this day, and was curious as to why.

This day was about the same as Wednesday, except we started teaching an "investigator" who is actually our night-time teacher. (Villanobos is mornings)  All the food is garbage on Thursdays, but in the morning they put out this yoghurt (yogurt) with a cow head on it that is mango flavored, and I grab 3 or 4 and drink them throughout the day because they taste very good.  Our first lesson for our progressing investigator was supposed to be Nefi (Nephi) 3-5 talking about him leaving his father in the wilderness to get the plates.  In English it would have been the perfect lesson, but in Spanish neither Elder Watts nor I knew how to translate it into Spanish, resulting in a very big fail.  I spoke the whole time trying to salvage the lesson, and Elder Watts face turned as red as a tomato.  It was funny.  During the night, we started a program called "Tall" which is a way for missionaries to learn specific topics in Spanish on the computer.  Es bien. (It is good.) This night we found out who our District Leader was, and it is Elder Nielson (Not Nealson).  He is the only elder in our District not going to Bogota. He is going to Chile.

Guess what?  It was the exact same start as Thursday.  Same garbage food, and same beginning with Villanobos teaching us about Mark 9:23.  I memorized it, Three Articles of Faith, and 2 Nephi 32:9 and 2 Nephi 33:6, and 
1 Nephi 20:10 this day.  I don't really feel very connected with my District, and they all know very little about the Gospel. I am feeling very humbled though, as I came into the CCM dissing other missionaries. An Elder who is having a very hard time here reproved me, and I thank him for it (Elder Karren). He has helped me to show more Christlike love towards others and realize that we are all children in the evangelio (Gospel) in spanish. Our lesson with our Investigator "Miguel" was about The Plan del Salvacion. The spirit was very weak, but felt in this lesson. Me and Elder Watts did not have good communication or harmony. The Real thing that made this day the absolute best, was it was Mexican Independence Day.  All day they were firing cannons, and Fireworks, and we got some super exotic Mexican food (still bad), and at night it did not stop.  I probably slept about 3-5 hours. The craziest thing that happened, is we were sitting in our room, and all of a sudden I see a fuego artificiales, (Firework) and it came straight at our window!  It exploded right outside our window, and it scared the h-e double hockey sticks out of us.  We also had dancers come in, and they gave some very boring tap dances and dress dances or whatever. Overall pretty fun.

I can hardly remember Saturday. We probably learned Spanish with Villanobos along the lines of ser and estar, and how to talk about the seven principles of the restoration.  This day was pretty good, and we became a lot closer as a district, being able to spend more time with each other learning. At this point in the week my district leader does not like me anymore, because I whistle a funny Mexican song all the time. I feel pretty singled out, because there is another elder who does many dance moves like "Cooking" and dabbing, and he doesn't get yelled at, but I dabbed once and was reprimanded by our district leader. Just interesting to see what is in his heart that the lord looks upon. I know he has a plan and it will work out muy bien. The campus of the CCM is very beautiful, and it looks upon a hill with a big "B" which stands for Baptisms! At Night, I started a fast, for the gift of tongues, a stronger gift of discernment, and to be able to make others feel the truth of my words by el Espiritu santo (Holy ghost). This was especially felt during our finale of the plan of salvation with Miguel.  The Spirit came into the room and I felt it especially strong, and was given the words to be able to describe it and tell Miguel about it in Spanish.

I fasted with my District, so I did not eat any food. However all the rest of my District but my companion (I somewhat forced him) ate dinner on this day instead of fasting all day. I know we received extra blessing though, Isaiah 28:9 (line upon line) helped me to structure what I asked for in my prayers and what I ask of my companion and investigator in our lessons. Isaiah 58:6-7 helped also me to know what fast I have chosen.  We did not teach a lesson, but we listened to a devotional from Elder Bednar from Christmas sometime, about the Character of Christ. Bien. Then we had a really long lesson on chastity, which has to do with page 33 in our handbooks, which speaks of our dealings with members of the opposite sex. It is pretty easy to follow though because I know my wife will be waiting at college, not the Mission. I felt the spirit all day and know that it was with me. In my district there are about 6/10 who do not like me, and try to reprove me all day. I just ignored them and continued to do what I know is right. They call me childish and that I act like a kid. I just say the 2 scripture mastery's from Timothy (don't let anybody despise thy youth) and (that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures) and they started calling me immature instead. I know that Christ wants us all to be as little children. Another good day though.

We learned that after the talks on chastity, we have one elder who is not able to remain in the CCM, due to problems before the mission. He is a fun guy, and we will all miss him dearly. After the talks on Sunday he felt very discouraged, and it made me feel sad that This Elder has to experience this to begin his process through the Atonement of Christ.  At least he was willing to confess instead of to hide himself from his own flesh, and abide in his sins. We learned the most Spanish every Monday with tons of new lessons about the Book of Mormon, and how to ask them to read scriptures and what they feel about it. The Food was pretty bien.

New missionaries came in, and I got a few to believe that there would be a dance. It was fun being able to haze them a little, but it was nothing like what we received when we came in. Overall, my district is composed of :Elder Lewis, Elder Nielson, Me, Elder watts, Elder Mooney, Elder Peterson, Elder Karren, Elder Blair, Sister Arrington, and Sister Shakespear. Getting along much better now. We had a devotional from some area Fourth Quorum of the Seventy, but it was such broken English that I barely understood. Mal. We taught Miguel though about the word of wisdom ( we had already committed him to be baptized) and the ten commandments. It was good and the spirit was present through it all.

I do not have more time to write, so it Sufficeth me to say that The Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church on the earth, and that the Book of Mormon is true, because of the witness I have received through the holy spirit of God. I do not believe that a young boy could have ever made up a single chapter of such a complex book, let alone multiple books and chapters, all very plain and easy to understand. A scripture I would like to share is 2 Nephi, 33:6, which says "Me Glorio en la claridad, me glorio en la verdad, me glorio en mi Jesus, porque el redimido mi alma del infierno. In English "I glory In Plainness, I glory In truth, I glory in my Jesus, because he hath redeemed my soul from Hell.

(Mom interpretation --  "Too Long; Didn't Read" -- Internet Slang)

I am fine, and my future updates will be much shorter than this one. I love my mom!

Also a palm frond almost fell on me. I took it home and have it in my back yard. I will send a picture of it next week! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016


3:16 pm

Hello Meemaw. 

My P-day is going to be Wednesday's in the MTC.

I leave the MTC on the 25th of November. 

My Companion in the MTC is Denzil Eugene Watts, IV (the Fourth). 

I live in a house and not an apartment. 

I am in District B and my building for classes is the Joseph Fielding Smith Building.

Here is my official Mailing address:

Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

Please do Not send packages they say.

Did I forget my camera at home? 

Mexico City is Crazy and I don't think anybody would like to come here or live here. The Traffic Is CRAZY! 

I already know more Spanish than anybody else I've met on this first day.

Anyway, I think that's all I had to say.

Love you,

3:41 pm

Since I don't have a p-day this week and I'm waiting on my group of slow pokes, I figured I will write some more to you. If you want to make this the start of my blog you can.

Leaving the Airport was probably the hardest part of preparing, because I had to leave everybody. Now that I am here I feel more comforted knowing that the CCM (Mexico MTC) actually exists. I have many new friends that I've already made. We all met on the flight from Atlanta to Mexico City. It was me, Elder McLaughlin, Another elder whose last name I can't see right now, and a Sister.

Here are some pictures added by Mom from the day before and the day of Connor's departure from home. Plus a few others that are important to his mission.

Connor receiving his call to the Colombia Bogota North Mission.

Mom and Connor with his mission call letter from President Thomas S. Monson.

After being set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 9/12/16 @ 6:00 pm in Blue Springs, Missouri, by President Ortiz.

Most of the family at Church for Jonathan's Homecoming from Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission on 7/17/16!

The 3 AM Head To The Airport For Connor's Mission Farewell CLUB!

Connor's flight to Atlanta left at 6:00 am, connecting to Mexico City

Dad and his youngest son, Connor.

Family Farewell for Two Years
Our Youngest Son, Elder Connor Ross Tracy