Thursday, January 5, 2017


January 2, 2017

Well, this week wasn´t really anything special, but I had a good time during it.

I have started off the year right, with a lot of food and some baptismal invitations.

So Diego Gonzalez is my first investigator that I found on my own, and from him we have gotten like twenty new investigators who all want to learn the word of God.  One of these is called Juan Carlos. He is super ready, and I hope to see them all baptized before i leave this area.

I don't have much time, so i'll cut right to the chase for this one.

This is a new year, and a new start for each and every one of us. We have this grand opportunity, that really we have everyday, but especially in this new year, to try and improve some aspect of our lives, and to become more the person we wish to become. For me, this person is Jesus Christ. He is the only person who has given a perfect example of how we should be, and so for that, I am always trying to model my live to be more in line with the conduct of his life. For this cause, I am in Colombia also, trying to share his gospel with other people, that they might be able to get closer to him, and to be able to feel the power of his atonement wrought in their lives. 

My testimony this week is over new beginnings. One man who had many new beginnings that we can read about, is Moses. He was the lowest of the low when born, put into the river, and then found by the daughter of Pharaoh. He then became the Prince of Egypt. Then, saving one of his fellow Hebrews from a scourging, he killed a taskmaster, and then with a new beginning, left to the wilderness. He then had the calling of God to become a leader of his people, and to perform many mighty miracles. Accomplishing all of this, he then had the new beginning of leaving Egypt to bring them unto the promised land, but not into it. From Moses, We know he was the most meek man that lived on the earth in his time, and was dumb and slow of speech. But, God Called him to be a prophet, giving him all of these new beginnings to become more close to him. In Exodus 33:11 we can read that he talked with God  face to face, like a man speaks to his friend. He was a mighty prophet, but none of that came about without many changes and new beginnings.

I hope that we can all begin again this year, change our lives, and become more the person we should all strive to emulate. Our Savior. 

I hope that the new year rang in with some good news for all of you guys, and that you all passed it with friends and family. 


Elder Tracy

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