Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 23, 2017 -- WEEK FOURTEEN

January 23, 2017

Cedros is Cedros.  I got nothing else to say.

This was my first week with Élder Aguilar. He is a cool dude, and he is helping me a lot to get into a better missionary groove. Like I said last week, he finishes his mission within a month. That is super rico thinking about it. Twenty months to go until I get milk in a carton!

So Charles Phillip LeConte has his baptismal date. He read nonstop the Book of Mormon and has hit Alma in a week. Not bad. He is doing a lot of investigating, reading every type of Bible, and trying to find the true church. He is in luck!

Lucy is changing her life. Stopped drinking coffee, and is trying to get Sunday's off. She has changed to have every other Sunday off.  Also she has her daughter who is super sick, so we are praying for her also.

All the others are either minimal changes, or haven't changed.  We are still going strong with everybody!

A really sweet experience happened when we were contacting, and a lady told us that she was searching for the truth, but because of the many different pastors and ways they interpret the Bible, she almost didn't even know what she could get from the Bible. (sounds like Joseph Smith?)

Not much time, but I would to bear testimony on Baptism! We know that we can not get into the Kingdom of God, like in John 3:5.  Baptism is an experience that allows us to receive more light from God, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, or baptism by fire.  To put it simply, baptism must be done under the proper authority of God, and there is no other church on the earth that can perform this ordinance to the saving of those who accept it.  It is literally a requirement to enter heaven, and for that reason even Jesus Christ was baptized, by the proper authority. 

Thank you for the time of reading my little messages. Feel free to write me! I hope everybody is feeling good in the chilly weather down in Missouri!

Élder Tracy

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