Saturday, October 29, 2016


October 27, 2016

Hey, I'm in the field.  

I´m in Zona Granada. It is really big, and everybody has said it is the hardest in the mission. We probably walk 7-8 miles every day, and the food is pretty cheap. My Preparation Day will be Mondays and I think email is at 4:30 pm.  It gets dark here at 6 pm.   So it´s weird.

I think the reason they say it is hard is because it is super big, and there is only like 85 members.  So we don't have much to work with.  But yeah, my companion's name is Elder Collahua, and he is from Lima, Peru.  He's pretty cool, and he has been out one month on his mission.

For breakfast, I've been having a little bit of this weird cereal kinda like frosted flakes, with a rhino on the front. And lunch is a piece of corn, some meat, five slices of cucumber, and rice. Plus some juice that tastes like really unsweetened apple juice, but my companion says its like tomate de arbor or something like that. 

I´m not sure how much time I have so I´m just sending emails to people until my time runs out. A slang phrase here is Qwuo ¨q-o¨ parcero, which means whats up friend. Or Qate for parcero, but that is in Mexico. 

Also in Colombia, I understand people much better than in Mexico. They speak slower and there´s less slang or curse words. It´s pretty good weather here, not very hot in the afternoons, but pretty cold in the nights. I will try and figure out a way to send pictures. I had been using another kids thingy in my district. It was like an SD card reader. 

But yeah. 3000 pesos is 1 dollar, and a lot of things are dos mil. (2000). Bought bread for about 60 cents. About as much as in America. Also, in my taxi ride to my house, we got the driver to schedule lessons with the South missionaries since he doesn't live in the North boundaries. 

Anyway, we receive lunch every day but Sundays from a member who lives close by, and then i think normally dinner is from an appointment. We don´t leave the house until 11 am, so it is kinda boring in the mornings. The water here is safe to drink so I´m happy with that, and the shower is cold! There are a lot of dogs here too, and sanitation isn't great. Also, all YM stuff got ruined by rain!  Send me another patriarchal blessing, because both my copies are soaked. Anyway I love you mom. and dad!

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