Tuesday, May 23, 2017

MAY 22, 2017 -- WEEK 30

This week has been pretty cool.

So we got the transfers. I'm staying in my area, ATALAYA 3, with my companion Elder Berrú. They are taking the other set of missionaries out of the ward, so our area just doubled.

We are doing well, I am very happy to be here in Colombia. I feel like my ability to be a missionary is always getting better and more and more of my own free will, because I realize that I've almost spent half of my mission. I need to work harder!!

This Transfer is going to be very cool, because I need to work in two areas, with the same comp, and I'll be basically running everything. I am super happy and I'm feeling motivated. The thing is that I know the Lord blesses his children.

This week we had the opportunity to watch Gustavo Adolfo Pren Mantillon get baptized. He brought his girlfriend, his family, and his extended family and invited friends to his baptism. He has been active getting the Book of Mormon shared. He was converted by it, and more specifically the spirit of God that testified to him of the truthfulness of the book. I'm so grateful to be able to see his  conversion, and how strong it is.

One of the sisters in my district, Hermana Juarez, is going to my old area, CEDROS!! I wrote her a bunch of notes, and asked her to give them to members in my old area. I expect to be able to see them write me back! But yeah, what a really cool experience.

This week, I testify of the power of singing!!! This last General Conference there was a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland that talked about the power of singing. It is a prayer of the righteous unto God!!!

D & C 25:12   
For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.

I am so grateful for it. Every meeting we have is started with a hymn, and a prayer. I know that singing pleases God, and can communicate His gospel more strongly than almost any other medium. It is powerful. We should always be singing unto God for His many blessing. Singing helps me to feel happy, and I know that it will please God, and relieve our burdens.

Thanks for the love! 

It was a great transfer, and I expect to get through this next one with even more baptisms.

Élder TRAXI 
(everybody says my name -- Tra-xi.)


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