Wednesday, May 17, 2017

MAY 15, 2017 -- WEEK 29

This week was Stake Conference, and so we went to the chapel at Quinta Bosch Stake Center. 

We had the bus bring people again, and we had a lot of investigators show up. We had the opportunity for the investigators to listen to a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, the Stake President, and the Mission President. That was super powerful for them, and I know they came out of it with a stronger testimony.

This week we've been really focusing on an investigator called Gustavo. He is 24, he lived a crazy live before.  When he met us, he dropped alcohol, dropped the girls, and he has been coming to church. He shares the Book of Mormon with other people, and he is just becoming converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week we have been getting along really well in my area, ATALAYA 3, and we have been doing some work!  I expect to be able to reap the white field, and see the results of my labor.

I testify of the Book of Mormon.  It is the most important thing that anybody on this earth can ever find. I know that if we read it, we will receive spiritual power, and God will come into our lives, and help us know what path He wants us to take. Why would He create a world where we couldn't be sure what path to take to return to Him? He hasn't. God has His prophet, we are continually receiving revelation. It is such a blessing and comfort to know it.

Write me everybody! It has been a great week, so ask me about it! 


√Člder Tracy

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