Monday, May 1, 2017

APRIL 24, 2017 -- WEEK 26

This is Élder Traxi coming at ya live 
from Cúcuta, ATALAYA 3.

This week has been pretty dope. We had a ton of success, and I've been really praying for something like this to happen. I am getting a lot of really cool experiences here that are just kinda hard to describe. It's a really cool area and I'm glad to be a missionary.

So this week we have been focusing on how we can start doing more Family Home Evenings to get places where we can gather investigators.  For me I am trying to know all of the members of the ward, which is kinda hard because the area is split into two parts, but it will get going pretty soon.

So we had exchanges with the zone leaders, and it went super well. I felt happy to be doing the work even though it wasn't in my area. 

I don't have much time left but I'm still trying to slam this thing out before I go.

I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the family!  I know that as we base ourselves in his gospel that we can become clean and have a more united, and stronger family. I know that we are imperfect, and that we fail everyday, but the Lord can make up the difference. We just gotta put our faith in Him. I am really grateful that we have that opportunity, because it helps us develop humility as well. When we are humble, the Lord will respond to our prayers and as it says in the scripture, lead us by the hand. But also we have to use our brains, like it says in D&C 111:11. 

I love you all. keep up the good fight wherever you are. Domino's pizza SUCKS!

élder Tracy

Chicken Heart Soup

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