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FEBRUARY 13, 2016 -- WEEK 17

FEBRUARY 13, 2016

Well, I've made it FIVE months! I'm just about 1/4 of the way done with the mission! Crazy how quick it goes.

Well, This week was a little sad. Marcelo, who was finally ready to get baptized, this coming Saturday, is going through a lot of problems and in the end the baptism I think has fallen through. 

Gilbert got the Priesthood, and is going strong in the church!

We found a family, called Carpío, which consists of a mom, boyfriend, and a daughter. The mom after the first lesson said she is going to kick the dude to the curb, and then passed us a reference of her children who live in the Coast. Came to church and everything was cool.

We got a new Ward Mission Leader too! He is from Venezuela, Oscar Callejas.  He has a brother serving in Bogotá Sur Mission right now, (as assistant to the president!) and so we are trying to figure out what is working for him in his ward that we don't do. 

Something sad that happened this week. . . I was walking home, dribbling my soccer ball.  I passed it to Aguilar, and then he passed it back but it hit a curb, and then bounced back into the street, and a car ran it over. I don't have a ball anymore :(

My Sidekick, Élder Aguilar is starting the downward slide, with two weeks left until he is finished with his mission. I am trying to suck everything I can out of him before he leaves. He lives in Cusco, and has been teaching me Quechua. I would write some of the phrases but Quechua has a unique spelling system. 

This week I would like to talk about the gift of tongues. The gift of tongues is one of the spiritual gifts we can be given through the Holy Ghost, to be able to help others receive the gospel. I know it exists, and it has been a huge influence in my mission. After one month and a half of living in Colombia, I understood and spoke Spanish ("spoke"). 

Todavía estoy mejorando y aprendiendo las palabras más útiles. El don de lenguas puede llegar a cualquier persona que esté en necesidad de ello. Sé que el Evangelio en ha sido restaurado por un profeta de Dios, que en estos últimos días podemos recibir los bendiciones antiguos, y que dios haznos saber su voluntad mediante profetas hoy día. Español es súper chévere y la única manera en que hubiera llegado al nivel en que estoy, es mediante ayuda celestial. 

Google Translation from MOM:

I'm still improving and learning the most useful words.  The gift of tongues can reach anyone who is in need of it.  I know that the Gospel has been restored by a prophet of God, that in these last days we can receive the old blessings, and that God let us know His will by means of prophets.  Spanish is super cool and the only way I could have reached the level I'm on is through heavenly help.  

I will be receiving my third companion in two weeks. How exciting to get to know all of these Peruvians! Odds are I get my third Peruvian. 

Write me nerds. I am bored of speaking Spanish! Ha Ha.

Élder Tracy

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