Sunday, June 18, 2017

WEEK 33 -- June 12, 2017

This week we had another baptism. The Polanco Obieda Family.

This week we visited the Polanco family every single day to teach lessons. They have been investigators for three weeks. The special situation with them is they are refugees from Venezuela, and they needed to get out of town. It was pretty cool being able to see them change their lives so quickly.

So a cool experience from the week was we were walking home, and I found this little cat. I picked it up and brought it home because our neighbors tell us that if we can find stray cats we should bring them over. So we are always looking for them. But, the neighbours were out really late saturday selling arepas in front of where all the drunk people are so they could make better money. And so we brought this cat home, and so we had a pet for one day. First time in my life! But in Cucuta there are little cats that get thrown out everywhere. 

This week we did basically nothing for p-day. Broke into the chapel (Climbing the fence) to play soccer with the young people. Pretty cool. And also I rode a bike for the first time in nine months! I am trying to learn how to do wheelies, because literally everybody here does wheelies, even in motorcycles!

This week my testimony is over how to set goals! In the mission, something that we learn from the first day is we need to have goals every single day of what we are going to accomplish. Sometimes these goals are pretty high, sometimes low.  But we always need to make sure that they're achievable. I know that goals are a unique remedy for us to get more out of every single day, and also it is a way for us to become better people. I have been thinking about our goals in the mission, and we have been taught that if we can complete one goal (for example, ten that attend church in one week), we should be now looking forward to do more than that the week that follows, and in that we can always be getting better and improving. We are constantly trying to improve, and to learn. Me too! I know that the Lord loves those who are willing to learn, the teachable and the meek.

Èlder Tracy

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