Wednesday, August 2, 2017

WEEK 40 -- July 31, 2017

This week we had a baptism! Ludy Omaira Parada Contreras.

We found her two months ago from a reference of a member. Her husband had died three days before, and so we started to visit her. Her husband was less active, and she has a less active daughter and two sons who are seven and two years old. We started visiting, reactivating the daughter, and getting her to church. The members really helped her out, and we always brought different people to the lessons. 

We had a pretty cool week. For p-day we went to a place called the Alejandría, where everything is super cheap (smuggled from Venezuela) and so we went and bought stuff. Then we went and had a roasted chicken (like KFC) and finished the day out sleeping until it was time to write.

This week also we found sixteen new investigators in two days. One family, Cyro y Isabel Salome y Manuel, who are a family who live together five years, Isabel's first husband was killed in a crossfire, her second husband cheated on her, and we found her here with her third husband. We taught them lesson one, and she dragged her son from an internet playing a game to come be in the lesson. Super powerful. I love that family! We found a few others, but they weren't quite as remarkable. 

My testimony this week is based on the normal member of the Church. I am a missionary, but I am nothing without others. When we are visiting people all day every day, we are always trying to search for people who live where we proselyte to be with us, because they bring the power. We can pass off lessons and help these people learn and change, but without these anchors of friendship and love, they are basically just becoming converted to two kids from different countries. 

I know that the members are the key to this work. As the prophets have said, Every member a missionary!!!!!! I know the Lord has blessings waiting for those who invite their friends to learn more about him. I love this work. I love the Colombian people.

√Člder Tracy

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