Sunday, April 16, 2017

APRIL 11, 2017: Week 24 (Cúcuta!)

I just got transferred to Cucuta, Colombia. 

I'm with. . . Ëlder Berrú, from Piura, Perú. 

My ward is Atalaya, and it is very hot in comparison to Bogotá. 

I had a fun last week in Cedros just taking pictures with people to say goodbye, and also having lunch and dinner every day was really nice.

de una to the testimony

I know the church is true. I will strengthen it here in Cúcuta just like I did in Bogotá. I am super excited to finally get transferred. I love the work of the Lord, even though it is hot as HECK here. Good luck to the other dudes from my group who got transferred. See ya!

Élder Tracy

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