Tuesday, December 6, 2016


December 5, 2016

¡Halo! ¿Qué más? 

This week was sick.  We did a lot of cool stuff, and the Lord is helping us harvest the field, and also to bundle the tares.

We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders. During the day I couldn't find all of the houses of the people we wanted to teach. But it's all right because, since I couldn't find one house, I decided to try and knock another door of a dude who wanted to learn about prayer and a personal relationship with God. 

Well. . . 

His name is Diego.  He has four kids, and a wife. He's super awesome, and I think he's golden.  He told us we were an answer to his prayers after we taught him one lesson about prayer.  Also his kids played a bit of soccer with us today. Tan Chévere. 

Then we got a reference from the Hermanas for a lady who has two kids and a husband, Luz Estela.  She heard the first lesson, and denied to be baptized, but then when I reiterated the question if you can come to a knowledge that this is true. She said for sure, and her family also. (Husband wasn't there for the lesson) it's going pretty good.

Gilbert is progressing super super, and Marcello is starting to de-progress. We will be trying harder with them, and I know that everybody has the agency. 

I loved the First Presidency Christmas Broadcast last night, even though I didn't really understand much of it. I got enough out of it that Christ is important, and we need to be focusing on having the Holy Ghost to be with us. The gift he himself gave to us after he left this earth.

My testimony this week is over how we can become more like Christ. During this time of year, it is easy to look for activities to help others and to better ourselves.  But later on in the year sometimes we forget what we wanted to do,or we just give up on our goals because they're a little hard to do.  But I know that we all have the opportunity to change, every year, month, day, hour.  It all depends on us.

Revelations 3:20 is good for this, because we know that the Lord stands at the door and knocks.  We just need to recognize this, open the door, and let him change us for the better.  Micah 6:8, to see what things specifically the Lord requires of us.  D & C 4:5,6 to see if while we are changing, are we developing these attributes that we need for this earthly life. 

I love all of you, and I am doing good in Colombia. Please, write me and tell me about any experiences you've had. Or just write! 

Elder Tracy

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