Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12/20/16: WEEK NINE


Gilbert Alexis Venegas Saenz, or something like that. He is 44 years old and is my first baptized gangster!

This week we had one baptism. Three accepted baptismal invitations, and we have around ten people who we are waiting to attend Church regularly to baptize.  I am going right now actually to extend six more baptismal invitations, so wish me luck!

We are starting to really pick up the pace here in Cedros. Starting to contact way more, and we are starting to get a huge influx of Venezuelans. They are super golden to teach. They all come here because you make $10 a day, but in Venezuela you make $1. They are just all illegal so they have to search with caution!

We had a Christmas Dinner as a Ward, but weren't allowed to attend by rules.  SO we went out and searched for three hours.  Found a family who wanted the gospel, and then five others who just had curiosity. Then we snuck in to the dinner at the end to eat. It was a fun night. 

So on Sunday, I was the one who confirmed Gilbert, IN SPANISH!  It was super chèvere, because I said what the spirit directed, just in Spanish. He is going to be a big help to us in having a member in lessons. He knows the Bible super well, but needs time for L.D.M.

My Testimony this week is over diligence.  A scripture super good for this is in Doctrine & Covenants 56:26-28. We need to be anxiously engaged, and be willing to have some initiative. In the mission this is imperative, because if you don't seek, you don't find.  Also, we need to be diligent in all of the things that we need to be doing daily. Read the scriptures, pray, try and search for ways to do good for others. In this way, we can prepare others to hear the gospel, or just to make small changes in their life.

This week was sweet. We have a lot of Zone Conferences or whatever, so I'll be having a good Christmas. I hope to you all also a Merry Christmas.  Isaiah 7:14

Elder Connor Tracy

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