Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016 -- WEEK THREE IN THE FIELD

Elder Connor Ross Tracy
Colombia Bogota North Mission
September 2016 -- September 2018

November 14, 2016

Elder Tracy -- Granada Stake, El Cedros Ward

I started teaching my first gangster. We have been trying to do more in the day, and we have been getting a good amount of investigators to church every week!

So the gangster is from Los Angelos.  He lived there twenty-two years. He is from Argentina, and he prefers being taught in English (Yes!). He has an inactive wife, and she can understand English, so double whammy. He accepted Baptism Lesson Two, and he is progressing pretty quickly.  Pretty humble family. Has attended church two weeks in a row. Just gotta keep him coming.

We have another baptism (if he feels that it is true) on the same date as the gangsta which is December 17th. He is from around here, has lived in Venezuela for a long time, then came back. He also has a super good member friend who brought him to church and taught him about the restoration.   And he really wants to understand about a spirit world, because he feels there is one.

Another lady who we are going to invite to baptism, who we think will accept, is super humble named Rubiela. We have had one lesson with her, where we basically just answered questions about the temple and other things that are super typical in Missouri.  She was willing to offer the closing prayer and started crying when she asked God to bless us. Awesome!

We have a lot of others we teach, who aren´t progressing or who are solely curious.  If those change I will write about it, but for now, let it suffice that I am finding as much success as I expected, and we will start doing more as I learn the area!

Elder Collahua and Elder Connor Tracy

An experience I had this week that has helped me to try and attend all church meetings, is we were going to a lunch appointment on Sunday, and on the way (I have a rain jacket and umbrella, my companion has nothing because he lost his umbrella) it began to rain and hail so much that my head hurt through my hood!  The roads became rivers, but we kept going because food, right?  We arrived, and she wasn't there, which really stunk. But, we walked back in all of this rain, and got to our apartment, and had some food.  But I was hungry for the rest of the day though.
But, the next day (today) there was a special testimony meeting scheduled for 6 am.  My comp├ínion didn't want to go, but I made him.  We arrived, Marcello (the gangster and inactive wife) attended, and it was a really good experience. But what made it good, was that afterwards, we got six slices of bread, three pieces of cheese, a lot of eggs, and hot chocolate . After this, I will attend a meeting even if it's at 2:00 in the morning. 

I testify this week of our godly nature. We are all formed in the belly, and before this, God has known us. 

Jeremiah 1:5-6. We have been sent here, to gain experience and to learn, so that we might receive all that the Father hath. If we are zealous, Christ will sup with us, and us with him, and we will have an opportunity to receive all the Father has. Revelations 3:19-21.

A scripture that I have been pondering all week is 
Psalms 82:6. 

have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

Obviously, we are not gods. But it is curious that it says this. I think that just as a caterpillar is a butterfly, so we are children of God, who have not yet progressed to that point. 

I hope everybody at home is doing well. Can't believe that we beat Webb City in football! I love you all! And I hope you are having success in whatever endeavor you put your hand to. 

Elder Connor Ross Tracy

Preparing the Baptismal Font Before The Baptism.

For 66 cents I can have a small dinner or lunch or breakfast at a panaria. (with my companion we each get two normal pieces of bread, two sweet ones). It's pretty good. 

I love you mom.   Thank you for emailing me! It is boring during the week. The first two weeks of the field were the only times I've felt homesick.  During the CCM I didn't, and I don't think I will from here on out. I just need to work harder, and the Lord will bless you guys so I won't have anything to worry about or be thinking about.  Also, I want to know when Willy is able to talk, and when Charlotte can walk. It's crazy to think that Willy is almost one year old right now, and Katie might have another baby before I get back. Same for Bep Bep.  And Lonnie or Wee Wee might be married!

Anyway, I write in my journal every day also so I have my large plates. Maybe my emails and other things can be my small plates. I also write a little tidbit in the email every week about important things in the week, either for me to remember or to use in my homecoming talk. I don't know. 

Anyway, I Love you guys! I gotta go!!

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